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Massage therapist in Geneva

"Each massage is a unique creation"

Elvis Feschet.jpg

Just Fabulous !!

Extremely professional massage, in a superb atmosphere. Very soft sensibility of Elvis, the pressure was just perfect. I feel light and free. Marie-Claire, 44, GenèveMarch 2022


I loved it !

Especially the face massage

Jeanne, 52, Champel, Nov. 2022


Very welcoming. Very good massage

Attentive to my needs.

Merci Elvis

Anne, 38, Eaux-Vives, June 2021

Healing energy

Warm, professional, boosting! A great break, mix of energy, relaxation, Une bulle à la fois pétillante, relaxante, recomfort. I come every week for a "reset" of tensions and stress. I highly recommend!

Laurence, 42, Geneva, Sept. 2020

Maintain one's health

On a regular basis, the massage improves the immune system. The protective effect on the body lasts several days and allows relaxation, energy, sleep, and reduces pain.

The tailored oil

Avocado, lemon, sea buckthorn, stimulating, draining, relaxing, anti-cellulite, homeopathic receipt...

thre is always an oil suiting your needs (natural oils only).

Releave tensions

In the massaged muscles, the lactic acid is eliminated in favor of oxygen. The blood circulation is stimulated, improving the flow of nutrients to the organs and promoting the elimination of toxins.

For sportive people

The care will be adapted to your sport and your training plan (preparation masage / recovery massage).

Enjoy a break!

Connected to the relaxed body sensations, the mind releases and finds serenity and lucidity. A massage is a parenthesis allowing harmony and weel-being.

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