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Massages offer

50 minutes relaxing massage

Customized massage following your specific needs (or tensions!) : possibility to focus specifically on the relaxation of the legs, the back, trapezius, etc.

50' relaxing massage

CHF 90.00

1 hour 30' relaxing massage

The classic one! This massages allows a deep muscles relaxation, giving way to wellbeing and lightness sensations. 

It includes breathing and relaxation phases that will evacuate the latest tensions. Possibility to customize the massage ("more back and trapezius!").

90' relaxing massage

CHF 150.00

0041 78 691 59 16

Rue du Purgatoire 3

1204 Genève


Monday to Friday : 7:30 - 20:30

Saturday : 8:30 - 12:30

1 hour 30' sport massage

Following your training plan, this massage will be stimulating (before the competition) or will help recovery (after the competition), and focus on a particular area (legs, arms, etc.).

Possibility to include mental preparation.


90' sport massage

CHF 150.00

1 hour 50' relaxing massage

1h50 of massage! Ideal to get a wellbeing, regenerating break, letting the breathing slow down, the muscles deeply relax and soothe the mind.

A wonderful gith to yourself or a friend.

110' relaxing massage

CHF 180.00

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